Principles of Business Ethics for ORGANIK HOLDING GROUP OF COMPANIES (called organisation) and their Members (called Individuals)

This document describes personal and professional behaviour rules and standards to be Adopted and complied with by the business community and is designed to serve as a guide to the functioning of a free enterprise system. It summarises general principles for good business relations. Its purpose is regulatory and ameliorating. It incorporates the realities of contemporary business. Voluntary adoption of the contents of this document rather than the control and sanctions contained herein is the source of its strength.

To identify universally accepted principles of business ethics that enable the free enterprise system to work. To establish and improve mutual trust in business life. To prevent conduct and behaviour which contravenes good business ethics. To promote the acceptance and improvement of good business ethics in one's transactions and one's sector.


Individuals and institutions should be honourable and honest in business. In practice this principle comprises the following conduct and behaviour. In business life individuals and organisations: should not knowingly harm others by their commercial acts and goods should not use for their own benefit any information that should be kept secret should not grant favours to individuals or organisations which could impair their independent decision-marking process Should not falsely advertise their own or others' commercial or financial standing, or act in a misleading fashion. Should assume responsibility for their products and services Should not deviate from law and internationally accepted principles of honesty, and should not engage in acts of unfair competition

Secrecy (Protection of Data)
Individuals and organisations should take care not to divulge information entrusted to them, except for the reasons for which such information was originally imparted. Individuals and organisations should respect the secrecy of information, unless they have received permission to do otherwise from their business associates or customers, or unless they are required by law to divulge such information. Individuals and organisations should assume responsibility for assuring that information is not used inappropriately or unjustly.

Respect for Law
Individuals and organisations must respect the legal system of Turkey In this context, individuals and organisations: Must perform all administrative and supervisory obligations prescribed by law: Must refrain from keeping false, incorrect or inaccurate, or giving misleading information to the authorities. Must refrain from committing illegal or criminal acts or acting in ways which are disapproved of by business and/or social ethics: Must refrain from acting contrary to the requirements of the free market and competition.

Working Conditions
Individuals and organisations must not discriminate against their employees on the basis of race, colour, religion or sex. Employees should not be harassed for these reasons. Actions that may be considered racial, sexual, or religious harassment must not be tolerated in the workplace. All personal information about employees must be kept secret.

Information Gathering
Individuals and organisations should not attempt to gather secret information by resorting to actions or methods which are disapproved of by business and/or social ethics.

The Environment
Individuals and organisations should not allow their activities to pollute the environment and should obey all environmental laws, and responsible care codes of management practices declaration signed by our organisations.

Individuals and organisations should make every effort to have their employees adopt the principles of this document and apply them in their fields and in their lives. (This document will be revised and expanded upon when deemed necessary)