Social Responsibility

  • As a company using mostly marine transportation, especially in the raw materials intake from the port at Rotterdam plant, we would like to do our part to give support for the marine logistics., In this regard, we promote TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) actively and financially.
  • Organik Kimya provides each employee in production with full health insurance and periodical check up.
  • Organik Kimya organizes tennis, football and volleyball tournaments in addition to other social activities by human resources.
  • Organik Kimya sponsores classical music events as part of the Istanbul Music  Festival.
  • Regular trainings enhancing the environmental awareness and safety issues are organized to ensure involvement of our employees. In addition, educational DVDs are displayed on CCTV about general safety, using personel safety equipments and forklift driving. Health, Safety and Environmental Procedures and Instructions have been documented and announced to the employees according to the Job Safety Analysis. With this training, we aimto have a Health, Safety & Environmentally aware personnel and a safe workplace. Finally, we measure the effectiveness of the trainings based on procedures & instructions and evaluate the workers’ awareness level by using computer based techniques.