Waste Reduction

In production:
Waste is the term used for byproducts in manufacturing for which there is no consumer value. Therefore it needs to be disposed of by some type of processing which, in the end consumes energy and/or takes up precious landfill. Some types of waste produce energy which may be viewed as recycling. Our policy is to reduce waste and/or increase recycling. One example of this is our project to decrease waste by recycling the reactor cleaning water.

In logistics:
Within the scope of the eco-efficient management at Organik Kimya,

  • Total consumption of the IBCs has decreased by 7, 7%, as we prefer to use bulk tanks. The use of recycled IBCs over total IBC requirement has increased from 10% to 34%. Our target is to have 100% recycling and to achieve “0” level as IBC waste.
  • With a project based on recycling improvement in 2010, 5% of the total pallets used have been recycled. We aim to increase the recycling level to 25% levels in 2011.