Total Quality and ISO 9001:2000

Being one of the leading companies in Polymers and Specialty Chemicals Business, it is our aim to serve our customers with top quality products and services. 

Keeping customer satisfaction as our first priority, we are committed to a customer focused approach to provide fast and reliable services along with world class quality products. 

We put a lot of efforts and investments into continuous Research&Development to provide our customers value added solutions and the most efficient products, guiding them as well sharing our vast experiences. 

Having a modern and lean organizational structure, we are committed to continuous improvement of the processes, work flows, the efficiencies and minimizing the waste and scraps. Through all our processes, we take a lot of care to be a reliable, consistent and environmentally friendly producer with a systematic approach following standards as the 'ISO' and the 'Responsible Care'. 



Turquality® , is the first and only state supported branding program. The purpose of the project is to determine the leading Turkish brands that have branding potential on global basis and to provide strength to these brands toward becoming a global brand.  

Therefore Turquality set off in 2004 with the slogan of ``10 global brands in 10 year’’. The program currently includes 89 companies & 101 trademarks operating in 7 different sectors.


Organik Kimya, with it’s ORGAL® brand, is also one of the member of program since 2012 and aims to develop it’s brands with global competitive power, thereby increasing Turkey’s exports by helping to create the positive image of Turkish products. 

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