Dating back to 1924; Elkasan A.Ş., an Organik Holding Company; gives distribution service with its patners which are the market leaders in their proficiency areas like personal car, home care, pharma care, plastics, rubber, metal, textile,leather and paint applications. Elkasan is also active in more than 30 countries including Balkans, Middle East, Africa, Stan Republics other than Turkey.

Elkasan is continuously working to get the best solutions and service to our valued customers with our R&D certified modern laboratories; experienced ‘technical ‘ sales force; warehouse in Ayazağa with the well penetrated sales setup.

As Elkasan; our main purpose is  to be active in all of your projects as proposed, to be a partner in your R&D work;  and to give support to your technical departments for the trainings and analyses to end up with a superior service to our valued customers.