Sustainability Commitment

To be a key player in the chemicals industry, leading and creating a green future by developing our business with a vision of sustainability, covering the entire life cycle of our products.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Organik Kimya’s Green Future Vision is focusing on the active promotion of sustainable development to the whole supply chain

It is an overlapping value chain where everyone benefits:

Within this value chain, the requirements for all the topics below are met simultaneously:

  • Increasing productivity and efficiency, improving recycling enables us to save due to a lower consumption.  We decrease our energy signature in the production, while optimizing the logistics of both raw materials and products.
  • The competitive market we operate in requires us to offer both innovation and value added solutions for our customers. We belıeve that challenging ourselves with the eco-efficient approach of sustainability principles wıll create value for our stakeholders.
  • Legislative changes and fragmented regulations push the chemical suppliers to follow certain standards and norms and guide them to improve their processes and products. As Organik Kimya we closely follow all related regulations, directives and legislative changes in order to empower our sustainability commitment.
  • Environmental awareness is increasing in the chemical industry and among customers. Customers demand their suppliers to respect earth’s balance and expect to see tangible evidences for this awareness. Organik Kimya’s sustainability strategy and all practices show a commitment to all customers throughout the life cycle of the products.
  • More environmentally aware consumers have their own sustainability goals. Our awareness fuels our strategy by promoting innovative projects, thus enabling environmental and cost advantages to these consumers.
  • Different needs of different markets are met as we build a regional strategy based on different sustainability challenges. Even though Organik Kimya has a global sustainability strategy, this also acts on a regional level and therefore satisfying the individual market requirements.

Ultimately, we aim to achieve our goals by transforming our commitment into sustainable business practices.